“Anyone but You” is an OTT binge-worthy movie. You can catch it on Netflix, Zee5, or Prime Video. It’s all about Ben and Bea, who met by chance and ended up in a flame romance.

Their story starts in a café where Bea needs to use the restroom and Ben helps her out by predicting they are a couple. They ask each other out and they spend a night together talking about life and realize they enjoy each other’s company.

Anyone but you

But things are pretty disturbing between them when they meet again at Bea’s sister’s wedding. On their first night, something happened that turned both of them into enemies. To escape from Bea’s ex-boyfriend Jonathan, who is more like her family member she and Ben started faking their relationship. They did such romantic goofy things so that people there accept their relationship.

One day, While doing the titanic pose they fell into the sea, and she sang his serenity song. That shares a special moment.
They fall into a situation where they aren’t aware of what is real? or what is fake.
Things get messy when Ben accidentally tells Bea’s secret to his friend who spreads it out. Bea’s parents get upset, causing a lot of trouble between them.
Conclusion: Anyone but you was filmed in Sydney, Australia. The movie inspires the storylines of countless romance books and movies. For all the juicy details. You should watch the movie. It’s a fun ride of twists and turns, for perfect cozy nights.

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