The movie is an American comedy based on the novel The Idea of You written by Robinne lee. The movie is directed by Michael Showalter and it stars Anne Hathway and Nicholas Galitzine . The movie revolves around 40 year single mother Solene , who runs a Silver Lake art gallery( role played by Anne Hathway ) and gets romantically involved with a 24-year-old lead singer Hayes Campbell of band named August moon , the band loved by the world.She meets Hayes  when her ex husband bailed on her daughter and she had no option other than taking her daughter to meet the band and watch their performance in Las `Vegas. The duo 1st meet in trailer and  the instant connection between them causes a whirlwind. 

He is, as the title suggests, an idea — the hunky young pop star who enjoys the benefits of being part of a commercial phenomenon while also staying above it, more sensitive, more talented, and more inclined to not just appreciate the charms of an older woman, but to fall in love with her.

She redefines and rediscovers herself after the love affair with a younger man. The two fall in love with each other , even after Solene resistance towards it in the beginning that she is too old for him . When Izzy , Solene’s daughter leaves for her summer camp , Solene joins him in New York city and later sticks with him, during the Europe tour.

Solene starts to question the nature of their affair once the honeymoon phase ends and she leaves the Europe tour in between and comes back where the wind of her love affair was caught by the media and it caused chaos. The movie showcases different aspects of their relationship and how this affair stained her relationship with her daughter.  When stardom of  Hayes starts affecting Solene and her relationship with her daughter.


Solène and Hayes are both a little too dreamily constructed to ever feel like real people and there’s such little interest in any other character in the film that, like an actual dream, it can be a little too tightly focused. The film basically showcases that a woman in her 40s also has the right to fall in love and wish for happily ever after. The thought is empowering. The movie is full of contradictions that are a must to make a rom -com work .Some of the scenes are like modern day fairy tales.

The movie does not provide any fresh content , this style of movies have entered the market already but its plus point should be definitely given to the chemistry shown between the lead actors. The performance given by other actors except Anne Hathway falls flat , it’s like no one was playing the part sincerely.  Most of the charm of the movies comes from Anne Hathway. 

The Movie , The idea of You is available on Amazon Prime .